Conservative Legislators to Sue

Conservative policymakers and policy advocates aren’t shy about advancing their agenda. The ends appear more important than the means as conservatives put narrow ideological interests ahead of Minnesota’s future. State Senator David Hann, R-Eden Prairie, recently threatened to sue Governor Dayton and the State of Minnesota, illustrating this phenomenon.

Two of Minnesota’s largest service worker unions, AFSCME and SEIU, want to organize in-home day-care workers into a union. Conservatives virulently oppose this action.

Following a joint hearing before Hann’s State Senate Health and Human Services Committee and the State Government Innovation and Veterans Committee, Hann made his objection to union organizing clear. But, he went one step further.

Hann proposes suing Governor Dayton and the State of Minnesota to prevent in-home childcare workers from organizing a union. Dayton, Hann argues, lacks the authority to authorize an organizing vote among Minnesota’s estimated 11,000 in-home day-care businesses. 

Government, they’re arguing, has the proper authority to actively oppose unions but when that same government allows an organizing vote, then government has suddenly and mysteriously overstepped its authority. In other words, they’re only against government when conservative policies aren’t being pursued or implemented.

Minnesota’s workplace is rapidly changing. Minnesota’s workers have the right to organize. Minnesota’s conservatives will say and do most anything to crush workers’ rights. Two of these things move Minnesota forward. One stalls progress. Senator Hann’s lawsuit threat highlights the distinction.

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